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Ballinger’s Luxury Properties

Ballinger’s Properties was named after its namesake, former drummer of the original Barron Knights singing group from Bedfordshire England. Ballinger’s Properties was formed to help local and international clients find homes and luxury properties in Florida that would maximize price, value, location and lifestyle. David Ballinger’s long standing position as president of Mere Development Company – a premier real estate and land developer – includes some of Central Florida’s finest developments. The company’s partnership with Florida’s top building and construction professionals make them a highly sought after source, not only for home purchases, but for new construction and business property development as well.

Ballinger’s Properties provides a one stop shop to local and international buyers, that focuses on meeting client’s individual needs, from the smallest to the greatest in expectations. Paired with a common language country and long standing friendship, British people especially, looking for a warm climate home, will find Orlando and the surrounding area to be ideal. From lush gardens, natural wetlands and outdoor activities, to outstanding recreation, food and cutting edge entertainment, Orlando and Central Florida are at the heart of USA luxury life. For those international buyers the multi-cultural aspect of Central Florida is growing as worldwide clients look for true value and a place to vacation or settle that brings a high quality of life with lasting value.

The Barron Knights

The Barron Knights, featuring David Ballinger of Ballinger’s Properties as its drummer, was a humorous British pop group, originally formed in 1959 in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire as The Knights of the Round Table. They became the Barron Knights in 1960. Although the Barron Knights undoubtedly had their own style and produced regular ‘beat group’ recordings in their own right, it was their production of humorous parodies that brought them the greatest success.

The original Barron Knights consisted of a five-piece musical comedy group formed in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England, in 1960. Members included Duke D’Mond (born Richard Palmer); vocals, guitar, Peter “P’nut” Langford; vocals, guitar, Butch Baker; vocals, guitar, “Barron” Anthony Osmond; vocals, bass, and David Ballinger; drums. They group has since reformed and only one remaining band member, Peter Langford, still remains actively involved.

Left to Right: David A. Ballinger, Gerry Rafferty (Baker Street), BB, Robin Gibb (BeeGees), unknown, Ian Dury, Geoff Lynn (ELO and Travelling Wilburys), PL., Nick Lowe (involved with Brinsley Schwarz, Rockpile, Elvis Costello, The Attractions, The Imposters, Huey Lewis and the News, Noise To Go, The Cowboy Outfit, Johnny Cash, Little Village ), Leo Sayer, DD.